Recharging Schools: Addressing the Holistic Needs of Children

By LEARN (other events)

Saturday, March 21 2015 8:30 AM 5:00 PM

The mission of this year’s conference is to comprehensively discuss the interdisciplinary challenges facing students and schools. No one particular field or practice can, alone, solve the education crisis. Therefore, we hope this event can create a space for invited speakers, students, and the Greater Philadelphia community to engage in dialogue on education challenges, their possibilities, and their implications for us all. The conference draws upon various perspectives from experts in education, health, psychology, race studies, and public policy to discuss ways to collectively foster positive change in child outcomes and schools. 

List of Sessions:


  • Morning Keynote with Dr. William Ayers, Dr, William Hite, and Dr. Scott Barry Kauffman

  • Student Health and Wellness: Ensuring Positive Growth and Development for Learning 

  • Addressing Future Needs Through Curriculum and School Programs


  • Interactive Workshop: Incorporating Student Voice and Experiences Into the Classroom

  • Spotlight in Education Policy: School Accountability Problems and Priorities

  • Considering Race and Culture: The Interaction Between Schools and Local Communities

  • Spotlight in Education Policy: Teacher Preparation and Pedagogy

  • Afternoon Keynote with Martin Blank: Moving Forward With Holistic Approaches

**Breakfast, Lunch, and Networking Reception are included with this event.